Best Time of Year to Move House?

When it comes to moving house, London movers often wonder when the best time to do it actually is, and it usually depends on individual circumstances. From considering children or your job, a partner or elderly relatives,house movers in London have to make it right for them.

When to Move House with Children
Moving house during the summer holidays allows moving companies and house movers in London a 5-6 week window during which to move, allowing kids to finish their school year without disruption. Moving house in London is difficult anyway, so this would make it easier.

When to Move House Based on Weather
WIth moving companies in London, you can move year round, but extreme weather periods do not make for easier moves, whether hot or cold weather, stormy or snowy. Ultimately, spring or autumn is best for movers in London, and moving services are less likely to encounter problematic weather during the move.

When to Move House Based On Holidays
While moving house is possible between Christmas and New Year, getting moving companies around this time in London may be less simple, as many places close down during this period. Even if moving companies in London are available, estate agents and solicitors may not be. With all this to think about, doing a move out in London during holidays may not be the most advisable option.

When to Move House Based On Month
When moving house in London, moving companies will likely have more availability mid-month versus at the end of the month. With most rental agreements running monthly from the start of the month to the end, this is a very popular time to move house and makes moving companies in London more busy, something all movers in London should consider.