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When it comes to moving companies in London, we are proud to offer a new, high-end move management service, enabling your move out to be seamless as you glide into your new home with the absolute minimum of effort. We know that moving home is supposed to be among the most stressful life events, but our furniture movers are here to change all that. At ZMJ Logistics, we offer a full service, from moving quotes to moving help, your London move is all covered, leaving you free to think about more important things about the move. Our professional movers will take all the weight off, something that make us the best movers in London.

Why us?

Moving a Home Doesn't Have to Mean a Mess.
With ZMJ Movers London a Move Out Can Be Easy

At ZMJ, we use our many years of industry experience to make moving house in London a seamless experience. From the moving quotes stage to the completion of your house move, we offer truly bespoke services that are well priced and stress free. Our full service approach is designed to keep you in the loop at all times, and ensure that everything from moving boxes to full house removal work is done easily and swiftly.

If you want to leave us to it, you can go and relax while we use our moving services in London to do the whole job without you needing to worry about a thing. Our professional movers can do all the moving, setting up, and everything you need done to allow you to walk into your new home and just get on with living.

Moving Details

Moving Services London Are Not All The Same
ZMJ Movers Provide:

Packing & Unpacking – Professional movers who do things nealy,
in a highly organised manner, including inventory

Transportation – Your moving house boxes are transported by our professional movers across London, where we take full care and responsibility for safe transportation of your goods.

Donations – You choose the charities, we schedule and oversee the picks-ups and drop-offs so that all the things you no longer need go to good causes.

Cleaning Team – Our in-house clean team will do a formidable job at either your old or new properties (or both), including insides of cupboards.

Why Does Our 'Moving a House London'
Process Stand Out?

Our professional movers in London are here to team will help
organise and manage:

Before You Move:
If you need property search and guidance to findthe right place to buy/rent, we are here to help. From forwarding mail to discontinuing or moving household services and utilities such as broadband and telephone services, remember to put those on your to do list. If you require storage, we can help arrange that for you. Also, before you move, you should ensure any important future installs are scheduled to ensure you have power/Wi-Fi/phone/TV package/Alarms ready for your new property. Finally, dispose or donate where things are not needed.
During Your Move:
During your move there is a lot to do, including packing and unpacking, and the process of placing furniture in your new home. Ensure that pets are kept safe during your move and that all perishables are disposed of appropriately. We are pleased to offer dedicated, step by step management of the moving process at both old and new homes, to make the process smoother. A few other things to remember including bedroom linens for your first night, along with food for the arrival. We can help ensure both properties are clean, and décor is in place.
After Your Move:
After the move, we can help. We offer a great service of full unpacking and organisation of moved items and we can also deal with any services that may not have been installed prior to your move in date. We can also help with removal of any discarded or unwanted boxes, packaging and moving materials and even send moving announcement cards sent to all your contacts/friends/family. If you need extra keys cut, or household services set up, such as a (gardener or private rubbish collection, we can arrange that or any handyman services you may want.

ZMJ Movers London Can Perform Both Small Moving
And Complete Moving Quotes

Moving House Boxes London

When moving house in London, you need experience, expertise and a company that listens, which is where ZMJ Logistics comes in. Our professional movers deliver maximum service with minimum disruption, ensuring that you can get your office moved and ready for work in no time. Our moving services in London offer a full range of work, including IT equipment removal and set up, furniture removal and everything you need to make the move seamless.

As one of the best moving companies in London, we are on hand to do large moving jobs as well as smaller ones, ensuring that everything is set up just as you want it, even replicating the old office set up if you want it to look the same.

Our move out service also includes the option to let us work with other tradesmen to arrange and manage any redesign and refurbishment you may need.

Complete House & Office Move Out London

If you want to ensure ongoing productivity and no break in your work, be that from home or an office, our moving services in London are here to ensure you can do just that. Our professional movers work swiftly, even if you want to leave on a Friday afternoon and come back to your fully functional new office on Monday morning.
With our moving services, you can get back to work on schedule, knowing that everything we moved has been put in your inventory, and that all your storage needs are sorted with our fire-proof facilities that are ideal for excess documents or office materials.
We are one of the most trusted moving and storage companies in London, offering non-stop CCTV and full security for all our storage units, which are available in a choice of 40 different sizes to accommodate every possible need. When it’s time to move out of your home or office, our movers will create a full inventory that gives you easy access to all your property.
We are one of the high end moving companies, and we use state-of-the-art security programs, fire and intruder alarms, guarded access and surveillance mean complete peace of mind for you.


Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company in London

packed-stuff-waiting-for-house- movers-london

Peace of Mind

If you are moving house in London, it can be a stressful time and job, which is where professional movers come in. At ZMJ Removal and Storage, we are known as one of the moving companies in London that provides a full removal service that gives our customers full peace of mind that their removal will be done smoothly and professionally. Moving home with us will ensure you don’t need to do any physical labour, allowing our movers in London to do everything for you.

Save Time and Energy

When it comes to moving home in London, it can take a lot of time and a huge amount of energy. Thankfully, we have a full service available for movers in London, that includes moving house boxes and full teams of movers that can help you through the process from start to finish, saving you time, energy, and stress.

packed-stuff-waiting-for-house- movers-london

Organized and Convenient

When you hire us, one of the best moving companies in London, our movers will be on hand to ensure that your moving home process and experience is both organized and convenient. From packing all your belongings to getting your stuff into your new home, our movers in London will ensure that all your boxes are properly labelled, placed in the right room and always remain undamaged. As an established moving house company in London, we offer a range of different size trucks, giving our customers full flexibility and value for money.


FAQ about moving house in London

I need to postpone my house removal appointment in London. Will I be charged for this?

No, we are one of the moving companies in London that requires 48 hours notice in advance to be able to reschedule your house removal service with no charge for the change.

Are you an insured removal company service provider?

Yes, ZMJ is a removal company with full Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances.

Is there anything your removal company team does not/will not move during a house moving job in London?

Yes, our movers in London will not remove: hazardous materials, animals, statues, stolen or perishable goods, drugs, explosives & firearms.

Can you help with a partial house move and smaller house move jobs in London?

Yes. From sending your children to university in a different city to doing furniture removal across London or moving out personal belongings, ZMJ is the moving company to help. Small home moves are usually covered by our man and van solutions as part of our overall removal company services in London.

I need to leave my property but there will be a few days between that and when I need my house removal, as there is a delay before my new home becomes available. How can ZMJ help?

ZMJ offers house removal but also a removal storage option in London. For any house removal, we can get you sorted with a storage option that is bespoke to your needs, for as long as you need.