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ZMJ Removal & Storage Provides Storage Services London

As a trusted and experienced storage company in London, ZMJ Logistics is the company to call when you need storage service. We are on hand to provide removals as well as affordable and secure storage facilities, each with a range of unit options and always at affordable prices, whether long term storage or short term storage.

Our range of storage service options are all secure and flexible and available for both domestic and commercial clients. Whether it’s moving house storage needs or cheap long term storage, we have the bespoke solution for you.

Why us?

ZMJ Moving & Storage Company London
Secure and Flexible

When it comes to long term or short term storage in London, we are here to provide convenient facilities for residential storage and commercial storage clients. Our professional team is on hand to pack, collect and look after your goods, with a range of long term and short term storage options across London. If you need to collect property, our storage house staff will collect or have them delivered directly to you. As an established storage company, we are proud to offer free parking on site, 24-hour CCTV and high end security at all our facilities.

One of the things that makes us a popular storage company in London is our promise that there will never be any hidden fees for our storage service, and we are also a member of the Self Storage Association UK, guaranteeing the highest self storage standards and best practices.

Our storage service and removal storage gives our clients peace of mind as well as allowing them the space to do what they need once they have off site storage space.

House Storage

House Storage Service London - Secure Houshold Storage Company

Whether it’s down to a growing family, a large accumulation of paperwork from the endless working at home that we are currently doing, or just years of clutter, getting an off site house storage unit in London can be your solution.

As a trusted storage company, ZMJ offers highly safe and always secure household storage space for anything you need to take out of your home. From longer term house storage to short term storage, we will store your goods and ensure they remain safe at all times.

For people downsizing or moving to a small rental property while house renovations happen, our storage service offers professional removal storage teams that can pack, load and deliver whatever you’re taking and the items you’re storing will be packed specifically for storage. Our house storage team loads directly into vans and containers for safe transportation to our storage unit location, taking the stress out of the situation for you.

As one of the fully accredited storage companies in London, we guarantee that all your possessions will be packed and wrapped in top quality materials and loaded into the container in such a way that nothing can move so items don’t rub or bang against each other.

Business Storage

Business Storage Service London - Safe Storage Company

When it comes to storage companies in London, our safe, quick, easy-access business storage space makes us a leader in our industry. Whatever your personal or business short term or long term storage requirements, we can offer twenty-four hour, year-round security and CCTV, giving full peace of mind to all our customers.

Our range of different sized units make our storage service as flexible as it is accessible, keeping small and large business and personal clients satisfied with what we do. Our storage service and house storage options in London come state-of-the-art, climate controlled rooms and a variety of flexible, long and short-term options.

As a customer focused storage company, we believe that working with each customer closely will help us offer the best storage service solution at the best price. From large scale long term storage for big businesses, to short term storage for house movers, we offer everything from large units to full self storage services.

Self Storage

ZMJ Removal & Storage - Top of Self Storage Companies London

When you need a secure storage service in Central London, ZMJ Logistics is the company to call and the team to trust. As a leading storage company, we offer units of many sizes and storage service that caters to a wide range of storage needs.

From creating more space in your cluttered home, to redesigning a business space to make working more employee friendly, our long term storage and short terms storage options will allow you to do what you need.

Working with one of the best storage companies in London gives you everything you need, from full access whenever you need it and the peace of mind you won’t be charged any additional access fees. Our storage company facilities have high end security features including the all important 24-hour CCTV monitoring and each self storage room has individual access codes for additional security.

Our storage service location in London has a range of trolleys that you may use to move your possessions to and from your self storage room and there’s also a covered loading bay to ensure your possessions aren’t exposed to the elements during transit.

When you need advice from a professional storage company, we are on hand to work out the best long or short term storage solutions for your individual needs.

Archive Storage

Documents Archives - Short & Long Term Storage Company London

At ZMJ Logistics, we are proud to be a storage company in London that offers safe, quick, easy-access business storage space for clients large and small. Whether you are relocating your office or getting rid of accumulated possessions, our long term and short term storage space has the solution you need.

We are one of the most secure, trusted storage companies in London, offering twenty-four hour, year-round security and CCTV and full access for clients at all times. We have a range of unit sizes and a storage service that offers flexibility and cost effective solutions for business and residential customers. Our reputation as a storage company is well respected in the industry, with things such as high end climate controlled rooms and a variety of flexible, long and short-term storage options.

Our storage company focuses on solutions, which is why we work closely with each customer to work out the best storage service for their individual needs and at a price that is within the right budget.

Comprehensive service

ZMJ Removal & Storage Provides Full
Removal & Storage Service London

As a trusted, reliable, and fairly priced storage company in London, ZMJ Logistics puts customers first and offers storage solutions for both residential and commercial clients.

Whether you need to free up space during an office move, or require moving house storage facilities, our stress free setup will give you what you need.

From short term storage for commercial merchandise during a move or long term, business storage when you are moving from one premises to the next, our storage service is bespoke and our units offer you a range of sizes that suit any needs.

Long Term

When is long term storage in London generally required?

Long term storage in London could be needed if you are travelling abroad for a long term period, whether it is due to a temporary relocation, long holiday or even a longer term professional project.
Storage Space
For many, our storage service in London is needed as they have a lot of valuables to store but, for whatever reasons your house cannot accommodate them. Regardless of your storage problem, we are the storage company in London with the solution.
Business and Professional
Content Storage
Many businesses require our storage service in London, especially where their premises are not large enough or not intended for storage. As an established storage company in London, we are able to offer cost-effective and even a portable storage unit.
Storage for Collectables
When it comes to storage valuable collectibles in London, the security of the storage comes first. Our self storage services in London allows you to pick up your collections at any time, its just up to you.
Sports Equipment
You regularly go on vacation with a lot of sports equipment, but you dont have space for them in your house in London - choose our self storage services in London thats will allow you to pick up and return your equipment at any time.
Short Term

When is short term storage in London generally required?

couple-carrying-boxes-and being-ready-to-move-out-London
Moving home
Short-term storage is an perfect option for someone who is waiting to move into a new home and has already sold the old one. ZMJ storage services in London are ideal to temporarily store your home furniture, IT equipment and other things.
London students very often return to their family homes, especially in the times of remote learning. Many students need to store their notes, books and study materials in a small storage - thats why they are choosing ZMJ storage services in London.
Home Improvements
If you need to renovate your home or office, you may well need our storage service in London for your stuff while you get the renovation done. Our long term storage options in London allow you to be flexible, so overrunning with your project schedule is nothing to worry about.
Short Vacations
You go on a short vacation, but you have nowhere to store your valuables to keep them safe. ZMJ storage services in London allows you to store whatever you want in our short-term storage in London.
Quick Job in London
If you have a company that provides services throughout the UK but you dont have a place to store your equipment in London during work - choose short-term storage servies in London by ZMJ.